1. Why should i trust you and shop your products?

The answer is simple. We have manage to preserve the 106 years of our history by providing to our customers with unquestionable quality products in the best possible prices, with our only goal, the satisfaction of our customers. As you see in our shopping list, all of our products are from small biological producers and not from massive productions that the most retail shops are offering. We want to transfer to our successors all the values, which we earned through years. An invaluable legacy which has to go on.

2. Are all of your products made in Greece?

All of our products are Greek. We are focusing and we are trying to keep the tradition that our forefathers have passed to us. This is also the secret of our success. For many generations now, we are offering the Greek pure food products as have been originally produced many decades ago. Therefore the taste, flavors and aromas are stronger than the other products you will find in the market.

3. How can we contact you?

You can either send us a direct message in the live messenger support which you can find on the bottom right of your page or send us an email to e.komatsoulaki@gmail.com.

Furthermore our address is Dimotiki Agora 7 , Chania 73100 Crete Greece and our telephone information (+30) 28210-42221

4. Where to you ship your orders?

We are trying to ship all our products all over the world. At the moment the shipping calculation cost is not available due to site is under construction. Please contact us for further information, shipping options and shipping costs.