We would like to welcome you in our website, where you can find a variety of greek products, which their routes are being found in local producers as a result to maintain their traditional flavors and aromas through time.

We believe, that is our duty to provide and serve our products away from the massive and industrial productions. Therefore in our shop you will find products direct from the heart of small families productions, including also our own. These values is the legacy, that our grandfathers and fathers have given us and we would like to transfer to our successors.

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Please feel the freedom to explore our website and if you have any type of questions, we would be happy to assist you. For your immediate assistance, our online messenger chat is located at the bottom right of your page. We appreciate your visits and we would love to have your reviews and comments in our blog site with ideas or non-listed products that you might be interested


We are proudly the fifth generation , who are taking over our traditional  grocery store in the old market in Chania.

On 1914 our family founded this store and it was one of the firsts, which have been housed inside the traditional symbol of Chania, the old Municipal Market.

From that day, we supply our loyal customers the traditional Greek products with unquestionable quality and with our only goal, the absolute satisfaction of our customers.
Today we can proudly face our customers and thank them for honoring our grocery store all these years, making it today, the oldest store within the Municipal Market of Chania.
Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your trust.


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In this page, we would like to discuss ,your experience with our products, your ideas, your suggestions and forward you the values we are representing since 1914.

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E. Komatsoulaki

Dimotiki Agora 7 Chania 73100, Crete, Greece (GR)

Tel. (+30) 2821042221

Email: e.komatsoulaki@gmail.com


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Saturday: 07:30-17:00

Sunday: closed